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Buy Cow /Ox Gallstone | ox gallstones price Cow bezoar is a gallstone of the gallbladder of cattle in the Bovidae of the mammalian class Chordata.In the gall bladder, called “bile yellow” or “yolk”, in the bile duct, called “tube yellow”, in the liver duct, called “liver yellow”. Complete bezoar more oval, light weight, golden to yellow brown surface, delicate and shiny.Traditional Chinese that bezoar fragrance, taste slightly bitter and then sweet, cool.Can be used to relieve fever.Natural bezoar is very valuable, the
international price is higher than gold, most of the use of artificial bezoar.Cost-effective in vitro cultivation of bovine

Buy Cow /Ox Gallstone | ox gallstones price [Chemical composition] containing cholic acid 5% ~ 11%, deoxycholic acid about 2%, goose deoxycholic acid 0.6% ~ 1.7% and its salts, bilirubin (bilirubin) and its calcium salt;It also contains cholesterol, ergosterol, lecithin, fatty acid, vitamin D, SMC, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc and so on.Australian bezoar contains carotenoids, alanine, glycine, Taurine, aspartic acid, arginine, leucine, methionine and other amino acids.
Bezoar is fragile, vacuumized packing, wrapped with anti-collision foam, and then packed in cartons.